Jiangsu Kaichen Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of diesel generators, automatic gensets, silent gensets and mobile power stations.
    The company has advanced production equipments, superb technical force, rich design experience and complete examination system. We execute strict quality management system, to ensure each product qualified and 100% inspection. Meanwhile, the company has a fast and perfect service system, which makes our products very competitive and has won great reputation in domestic market. Now we have passed certification of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  1. Cummings series

    Sino-American joint venture Dongfeng Cummins has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low oil consumption, high power, reliable operation,
    convenience for accessories supply and maintenance.

  2. Yuchai series

    The whole series of products have the characters of high power, big torque, high reliability, low oil consumption, low emission, low noise, strong suitability, perfect and convenient service,which have won the approval from the customers.

  3. Shangchai series

    Shangchai generator use "Dongfeng" diesel generator is powered by Shanghai Diesel engine Co., Ltd, which is equipped with global famous generators.
    It has the advantages of excellent power performance, economy, stability, reliability.

  4. Mobile series

    The design is unique and innovative,the mobility is high,the center of gravity is low,the manufacturing is excellent, the appearance is beautiful.
    The trailer frame of the mobile diesel generator set is welded by groove beam,the strength is high and the rigidity is nice.

  5. Mute series

    The genset noise is low, the overall mechanism is compact, the space usage is small; the case body is all detachable structure and made of steel plate splice, the surface is coated with high performance antirust paint, also it has the function of anti-rain.

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